Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Castaway Teams up with Equinox Housings


Castaway Films is pleased to announce a new partnership with Equinox Underwater Housings. Equinox is the preeminent producer of customizable video housings for the professional filmmaker. We'll have you know that Equinox is the only video housing manufacturer on the planet who actively supports and sponsors fly fishing films. Owner, Ed Richards, and director of sales, Erik Giannunio, are keen innovators who will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the upcoming Sailfish Bay Lodge Project.

Last month, Castaway Films approached the Equinox Team with an idea for our billfish shoot. One of the principle goals for the forthcoming project is to film sailfish eating flies underwater. To our knowledge this type of footage has never been captured. Can you imagine watching a lit up 130 pound Pacific Sail tear into a footlong electric pink fly? The image would be fantastic, but the logistics of such a shot have been limiting. Without question a subsurface camera operator would spook the fish before the take could occur and the opportunity would be lost.

So what is the work around?

We presented this difficult shooting scenario to Equinox and they have come up with an excellent solution: the pole mounted underwater housing system. Equinox has developed a way for filmmakers to attach a pole to an underwater housing so that remote subsurface footage may be obtained from the comfort of the deck of the boat. So that the camera operator is not shooting blind, a waterproof cord will run from the video housing to a topside monitor. The inconspicuous system is much less likely to be noticed by the sailfish and thus greatly increases our chance for success. Of course, the true test will come in Guatemala, but I'd bet that we're going to get the shot with the Equinox Poll Mount System. We will be sure to show "in-the-field" photos of this setup on our blog in the future.

Again, thanks to Ed and Erik over at Equinox for creating a product that is PERFECT for fly fishing filmmakers. We invite amateurs and professionals alike to check out www.equinoxhousings.com or call 888.438.8943 to find out more.